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SIP Trunk

If you have a physical IP telephone switch, but you are not yet ready to migrate 100% to the Virtual Switch in the cloud, then SIP Trunk is for you.

Start cutting costs.

 Empieza a reducir costos

Plans with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in Mexico, the US, and Canada.

  • Competitive rates for local, national, and international calls.

  • Number portability

Flexible solution

Solución flexible
  • Compatible with IP switches and gateways.

  • Easy to grow, depending on the version of the IP switch.

  • Premium support 24 x7

Benefits it offers

Reducción de costos

Reducción de costos

Costs reduction

Significant reduction in your monthly telephone bill. Enjoy competitive rates for local, national, and international calls at values per minute without time difference. Availability of 1800 numbers.


Compatible with IP telephone switches and gateways. 100% scalable. Includes plans with unlimited calls. Allows number portability.

Certificado y compatible

Certified and compliant

The SIP Trunk service is 100% compatible with the main manufacturers of IP telephone switches on the market.

¡Hablar con un experto!


Certified and compliant

Interoperability tests are carried out with the main players in the IP telephone exchange industry to guarantee that the net2phone SIP Trunk solution is one of the best on the market.

Certificado y compatible
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